Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sylt - an island holiday a train ride away

Who would have thought that you can catch a direct train from Bonn and end up on Germany's most northern island? And given that it's in the middle of winter, I did get a few strange looks from friends about choosing Sylt for an island holiday.

After a week on the island I must say that it's been a great choice. Yes, it's cold, sometimes really cold even under blue skies with glorious sunshine. But long winter walks through almost frozen sand dunes, flying kites on one of the beautiful deserted beaches or strolling through the little historic villages, such as Keitum, makes for a really relaxing time. Oh, and did I mention the island is a foodie paradise too?

We found a great place to rent in the picturesque little village of Rantum, in the south of Sylt. The island is particularly narrow here. You're surrounded by nature reserves and it takes only minutes to walk from the Wattenmeer (Wadden Sea) on the eastern side to the wild beaches of the North Sea on the western side. Almost every house in the village boasts a traditional thatched roof, which is very quaint. Being low season it feels like we're the only tourists here. The local shop only opens for a few hours in the morning and they seem very happy to see us every morning when we buy delicious crusty Sylter Brötchen and pick up a newspaper. The shop owner says she loves this time of the year, as summer is too crowded.

Photo: Fieldreports
Rantum is quite a few kilometres away from the über-trendy village of Kampen, where the rich and famous come to party in summer and can pop in to their local Louis Vuitton boutique just in case they need a new beach bag. It is a little surreal wandering around the most expensive addresses in Germany, but at least you're sure to find all you need for cooking up a storm - the gourmet supermarkets are great!

Our little house has bikes, but when we've needed to cover longer distances we've been getting around on the local buses. They come every 30 minutes like clock work. And with a little bit of planning we haven't missed having a car on the island.

And for some reason we've been planning our trips to include a little stop at Sansibar, but I'll tell you about that in my next blog post.



Isabelle 26 January 2011 at 15:00  

Hi Barb! J'adore lire tes recits de vacances. Et j'aime moi aussi les marches sur la plage l'hiver. Ceci dit je suis bien tranquille a la maison ces temps-ci. Il nous reste environ 4 a 6 semaines avant l'arrivee des jumelles et je me repose - a vrai dire je suis tellement grosse que je ne me deplace plus tres facilement :) Je vous embrasse et je vous tiendrai au courant de la suite des evenements.

Gruber 20 April 2011 at 04:02  

bravo aux photographes. les prises de vue sont à vous faire palir de jalousie! C est à croire qu il ne faut aller à Sylt qu´en hiver!

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