Monday, 26 April 2010

Little Perugian Baci or what I'm taking away from #IJF10

Eyjafjallajökull has sent me on an unexpected 1257 km dash against the ash adventure across Germany, the Swiss alps and deep into Italy to attend the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.

As expected quite a few international speakers and journalists were unable to attend but I was surprised at the resourcefulness of some participants determined to make it down to Italy. Ande Gregson from Media140 for example drove all the way from London on his R1 Yamaha motorbike (it's red, so it must go fast!), David Sasaki caught one train after another for a day and a half to travel from Austria, while Lisa Zilberpriver changed her original flight Sydney-Bangkok-London-Rome and spent several days flying across the globe via Hong Kong and Doha.

It was a jam-packed five days at the #IJF10 with many interesting insights into the Italian and international media landscape and loads of discussions about the opportunities of new media in our profession.

I'm not a regular conference goer, so I can't give you the pros and cons of this conference versus any other large journalism talk-fest, but I must say I liked the wonderfully organised Italian chaos, the beautiful historic venues spread all throughout the old town, the professional translation, the daily happy hour "Taste of Umbria" and the large jars of Perugian Baci chocolates luring me time and again back into the press centre.

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