Monday, 5 January 2009

Meanwhile, back in the jungle...

You'd think we're on holidays and sleeping in late. Well, not if a good dozen howler monkeys have taken up all the trees right next to your room. And by 5am they've decided it's time to get up. One howler starts whooping and all the other males chime in - a strange gutteral concert, somewhere in between the barking of a dog, the howling of a wolf and the croak of a monster frog... and they have endurance, no doubt even waking up our loud American neighbours who probably had less than an hour seep.

Anyway, our ten days here at the Canaima Chill House, a few hundred meters up the hill from the Santa Teresa beach have been exactly what we needed for our holidays. This beautiful brand new place lives up to its name. Our host JC and his partner Marta have created a little oasis in the jungle. Decked out it dark wood, bamboo and lush vegetation, perfectly blending into the environment. Add to that a few touches from their travels, elegant rooms, very thoughtful and welcoming hospitality and a great jungle jacuzzi... It's perfect and Mr Aventures and I have been delighted to be the Canaima Chill House first "official" guests.

Whether it was spending hours on end on the outdoor bed suspended on ropes reading more books than over the course of the entire last year, watching jungle life swing by, spending a few hours at the magnificent Playa Hermosa (even if we didn't bump into Gisele Bündchen who has a house there and was apparently in town), watching a sunset every night at another beach or kicking back in the whirlpool. It's been the most relaxing two weeks I've had in a long long time.


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