Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Punisher

The Lonely Planet had warned us, in its Top Ten of Costa Ricas Worst Roads Carate-Puerto Jiménez is ranked second and is called "The Punisher".

To save a few colones we decided to catch the bus, known locally as the "collectivo". For the equivalent of eight dollars your one way ticket gets you a place on a bench seat in the back of a cattle truck.

With a quick call of all aboard for any stragglers around the pulperia in Carate the driver locks the back gate and we were off.

The comfort of our thinly padded seat lasted about two seconds. I watched the agony as the man sitting across from me whack his head against the wooden side panels of the truck, but grinning like this was fun. He certainly had fun in Carate. Despite the bumpy road he whipped out a little plastic bag from his wallet and handed it across to me. At first I thought here we go, I'm being offered drugs, which wouldn't be surprising for a guy wearing a bandana emblazoned with marijuana leaves and lyrics to Bob Marley songs, but no he was just showing off the gold dust he had collected on the beach in Carate and in the surrounding creeks.

There are not really proper bus stops along the way, people just flag down the collectivo.

There was the Costa Rican cowboy who leaped on - light blue jeans, big belt buckle, leather hat and neat mustache. A real tough Tico. Later down the track the truck really filled up. There was the old woman trying to counter the impact of bumps by steadying herself with her umbrella. Across from the old lady another woman was also struggling with the bumps. While looking after her children the woman was clutching her enormous boobs with both hands to try and well... do you get the picture? Poor thing, the two and a half hour trip through the jungle and over several rivers was certainly arduous. Upon arrival in Puerto Jiminez the woman with the big boobs fainted in the truck. Maybe it was the heat... maybe mammary distress?


monique gruber 17 December 2008 at 07:31  

Merci pour ces nouvelles! nous etions morts de rire....
j espere que vos dos tiennent le coup. ici tout va bien. sommes osus la neige, levers de soleil divins. stef ravi de ton paquet. attendons kathrin, klaus et bernd + familles samedi. bisoux et bonne continuation. regalez vous mais soyez prudents....
mom and dad

Anonymous 1 March 2010 at 16:36  

Ola, what's up amigos? :)
I will be happy to get some assistance at the start.
Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

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