Saturday, 13 December 2008

It's a jungle out there

The day starts early here at Lapa Rios on the southern tip of the secluded Osa Peninsula – and not only because we're still a bit jet lagged.

As dawn breaks an ever growing ensemble of jungle sounds reminds you where you are and what lies beyond the moskito net and the exquisite open air wooden hut.
The howler monkeys are still on patrol in the canopy – the gutteral woop echoing across the valley. I can hear tucans, scarlet macaws and flocks of other birds above the constant hum of insects. Across the Golfo Dulce the lights of Golfito twinkle and long corduroy-like lines of swell sweep across the azur blue water.

With a cup of fresh brewed Costa Rican coffee that has just been delivered on our door step I tip toe to the comfy hammock on our private wooden deck to watch the sun rise.

So begins another day in paradise.


Arnaud 30 December 2008 at 12:09  

Coucou Barbara,
Le Costa Rica... un de mes rêves ! Le surf, la jungle, la faune.. vous avez bien de la chance, profitez bien de votre voyage de noces. Salue Guy pour nous et surtout.. prends des notes pour nous recommander les bons spots !

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