Monday, 15 December 2008

Cabo Matapalo to Corcovado

Our next stop is up the coast at La Leona Lodge. The only way you can access this tent camp right on the border to the Corcovado national park is by hiking the better part of an hour along the pristine beach. Our lagguage is following in a quaint little horse cart. The camp is sitting right by the beach, hammocks scattered around the property inviting us to a long lazy afternoon. There's no electricity, but open air bathrooms at the back of the tents and amazing views out onto the pacific. The National Geographic described the Osa peninsula as the „most biologically intense place on earth“ - I don't know about that, but I've never seen so much mammals, birds and insects in my entire life.

Dolphins, sea turtles and whales as we're sitting in front of our tent gazing out onto the ocean. And the next morning is even more prolific: spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, white-throated capuchins and howler monkeys, oatis, squirrels, bats, golden orb spider, poisonous frogs, scarlet macaws, tucans, woodpeckers, honeycreepers, manakins, tanagers, herons, vultures, hawks, caracaras and pelicans – all those in only half a day hike through the Corcovado. I wish we'd have more time to spend here... but we'll be back – next time for some serious hiking in the Corcovado. Maybe we'll then also spot some tapirs, crocodiles and pumas.


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