Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Another day in paradise

5 pm Pacuare Lodge. It's quickly getting dark here in the jungle of the reserve Rio Pacuare. The mist is coming down from the top of the canopy, it's humid and cooler than the past few days.

The staff is lighting hundreds of candles throughout the lodge. There's no electricity here - apart from the kitchen which is powered by a little water turbine.

Yesterday we rafted into the lodge, along with the supply raft that carried everything from our bags to food supplies - including dozens of cases of Imperial beer and as many trays of eggs. I think this made the eggs and beer taste even better knowing the effort it takes in getting it there.

As I sip my beer at the bar, the sound of the wild Pacuare river rushing by, the hum of insects and birds make a great evening sound track. It's paradise - a word I seem to be using everywhere in Costa Rica.


thorsten 28 December 2008 at 09:32  

Shit! I feel sorry for you guys - NOT a nice Chrismas surprise :-(

Hope you've meanwhile recovered mentally (and maybe even gotten your belongings back?)


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