Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sarajevo Sights & Sounds

Wander through the mazy streets of Bascarsija to discover Sarajevo's old soul. Watch the craftsmen at work. Try to bargain in Bosnian for a pair of funky hand made leather boots. Take a seat at one of the many Kavhanas to sip a coffee, soak in the atmosphere or chat with the locals. Bascarsija is pretty chilled - and the locals are too.


Thorsten 28 November 2008 at 13:56  

nice work! very impressive.
I like the way the sound goes with the pictures.
My only criticism: give the pictures more time. Sometimes the pic is gone again before you realize what's on it.

Barbara 28 November 2008 at 14:27  

Hey thanks for the feedback Thorsten. I agree, I should let the photos breath more... still working on how to tweak Soundslides ;-)

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