Sunday, 26 October 2008

Dinars, Marks & Euros

Stopover in Belgrade. The airport has changed so much since the mid 1990ies when I regularly flew to Belgrade to protest on the streets of the Serbian capital against Milosevic - and visit my family who lived here at that time.

Shiny duty free shops, modern coffee shops. I'm contemplating to have a beer, but I don't have the local currency, the Dinar, and they don't accept Euros here. How backward, I think, spoiled by our common currency.

And in two hours time I will have to get used to the Bosnian convertible Mark. I can't help but smile because yesterday when I was on the phone to Hotel Bosna where I'm staying in Banja Luka, the guy gave me the room price in Marks... and I told him "Can you give me the price in Euros?" thinking "God, doesn't he know that we gave up the Mark ages ago?"


Thorsten 28 October 2008 at 05:30  

Hi B., good luck on your mission in Bosnia. I taught a couple of workshops in Banja Luka in the late 90's and also stayed at the Hotel Bosna. I hope they've meanwhile gotten rid of the hotel's late-Soviet aura... :-o

Say hi to the people of FES, if they remember us - they used to be our cooperation partners there.

Take care,


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