Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Mines & Maps

Bravo 1: not much to report. Except maybe that the popular leader of the RGLR Iwan Watzlaw was killed by the warlord Ivan Ivanowitsch from NAFROS. The situation in Rhönland remains calm though.

Lesson learned from our mine awareness debriefing today: if you step onto a mine, you have basically no chance. So, your best bet is to stick to the roads, as mines are rarely visible.

The map and compass session was more useful than expected - I can now find North and South with the help of my watch or even with the stars, though I'm still wondering whether it's wiser to invest in a compass or a GPS.

Took an illegal dip in the camp's open air pool. It only officially opens at the end of this week, but it was simply too tempting. The man in charge told us the pool's chemistry is not right yet and we might well suffer from bad diarrhea tomorrow. As long as I don't have that problem during the hostage taking, I guess I'm fine...


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