Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ta Ta Takeo

So, day n°3 in Takeo. Somehow it feels like we've been here for ages. Maybe because we've eaten in the same two places since our arrival. Noodles & coke for lunch, fish & beer for dinner. Or the other way around fish & coke for lunch, noodles & beer for dinner.

In the restaurant across our guest house I already get back slapped by the Cambodian mama running the place (always in pyjama and laughing like a horse). Not that we enjoy extensive conversations... our communication is actually pretty basic. And meals with my colleagues are daily sharades - we're taking turns in imitating oinking pigs, jumpy chicken and swimming fish but not always getting what we want. Salt or powdered milk in sign language is also more difficult than you'd expect.

Takeo is said to have 39,000 inhabitants, but honestly, I don't know where they're all hiding. The place is pretty dead and as my guide says "there no compelling reason to stay here."

Favourite past time: playing volleyball on the town's market square - but that's really male only. Or downing whiskey shots.

Playing cards and gambling a few riels, women seem to enjoy that one too.

What else? Last night we discovered an open air cinema and some sort of night fair - including a caroussel with tiny UN helicopters. We didn't quite fit the picture though, after all you can't come to a drive in movie theater without a motorbike, can you?


wilfried u.monique 8 December 2007 at 22:20  

Alle,die deinen Blog verfolgen, fragen, was dieses Bild ist! Ist das auch ein Quiz????

Barbara Gruber 9 December 2007 at 06:43  

Das sind Luftballons... die man mit kleinen Pfeilen treffen muss, um eine Dose Cola, einen Teddybären oder einen anderen tollen Preis zu gewinnen!!

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