Saturday, 1 December 2007

How many monks can you squeeze into a tuktuk?

Ok, I must admit these monks dressed in their simple saffron robes tempt me time and again... I mean, to take photographs. I HAVE carefully studied my guide which says "if asked, monks are usually happy to be photographed. But it's worth bearing in mind the Buddhist community treats them with great respect and strict protocol."

Cambodia's biggest monk school is right next to our hotel and it's quite an impressive sight when over 1000 orange monks pour onto the streets and squeeze into all sorts vehicles to be driven I don't know where.

Most Cambodian boys enter the monkhood for some part of their lives, perhaps six months, perhaps longer. The monkhood offers practical advantages like free education and free food, which comes in form of rice and has to be eaten before 11 AM (monks are not allowed to eat after that... this seems a bit tough to me, I'll have to double check). Well, and then there's nirvana of course. Who wouldn't want to experience that?


Palomanima 5 December 2007 at 12:58  

Très belles photos, Barbara! Je découvre avec consternation que j'ai raté ma vocation de moine orange, alors que j'en ai (presque)tous les attributs... du moins ceux liés à la couleur!! Dis, tu crois qu'ils acceptent les femmes oranges au Nirvana ? :-P

Bisous de Bonn et prends bien soin de toi, sacrée bloglobe-trotteuse!

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