Saturday, 15 December 2007

Awesome Day in Phnom Penh

6 am. Woke-up early to say goodbye to my colleagues Thorsten & Marc who were heading to Siem Reap and the Angkor temples.

8 am. Had breakfast at Fresco at the FCC. I love the coffee there.

9 am. Caught up with my fellow cooking classmates at Frizz. Went together to the market to learn more about local produce & then headed to Frits' villa on the Mekong for a full day of Khmer cooking.

5 pm. Strolled back on Sisowath Quay, letting life roll by. Briefly thought about doing a voxpop. But I was not in the right mood and too annoyed by stupid tourists unable to answer a simple question...

5.30 pm. Released two Karma Birds from their cage in front of the Royal Palace.

6 pm.
Swam 20 lapses in the Pavillion Pool.

7.30 pm. Had a gallette au blé noir and a cool tiger beer at Nature & Sea, a super little roof terrace, I discovered just off Independence Square.

7.50 pm. Giggled as the whole neighbourhood went dark. Power break in Phnom Penh.

8.30 pm. Interviewed Kosal Man, Director of Sovannah Phum, an NGO supporting traditional Khmer performance arts.

10 pm. Chilled in the beautiful garden of The Pavillion.

10.29 pm. Posted this awesome day on my blog.


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