Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tolilio? What's new?

Busy day speaking to the GTZ team about the environmental impacts of cyclones, legislation issues, reforestation and carbon emission trade.

Chasing the deputy environment minister who needs to give us the green light to visit a forestry project on Friday... but he wants to see us in person first to make up his mind... hmmm, what about setting up an efficient press office?

And in the midst of all that we also kept in touch with our potential driver Robert negotiating a fair price for a 4WD for our five day field trip on Sunday. We're planning to head South-East - down to Mananjary and Nosy Varika to visit one of the worst hit areas during the last cyclone season.

We already established radio contact, they know we're coming. It's the closest project we can visit from Tana - 12 hour drive + another 3 hours by boat...


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