Monday, 10 September 2007

Petites et Grandes Aventures

So, I'm on the road again. After Fish Amok, Uchaguzi Watch, I'm back to haunt the blogosphere with a third blog I just set up - internet illeterate as I am... Still on the look out for a good name. I thought about "Tolilio", which means "What's New?" in Madagascan. But my internet advisor says this doesn't have a long shelf life - and after all that's what I'm after. A blog title - French, German or English which has something to do with travels, because that's what it's about: little travel adventures from the field. I also thought about barbstrips... but that would probably attract too much cyber traffic, and we don't want that... So, any ideas? Or do you like mes petites et grandes aventures? I need your input!!


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