Sunday, 4 March 2007

Sok So Bei Fish Amok

Well, that's it. My six weeks in Cambodia are already over... Six weeks of inspiring encounters and over ninety interviews. Six weeks of haggling with motodup and tuktuk drivers. Six weeks of Doxycycline. Six weeks of WIFI hotspot hunting and struggling with the local 011 mobile network. Six weeks of dirt, dust and discoveries. Six weeks of rice, fish, coconuts and Angkor Beer. Six weeks of smiles and beautiful people. Six weeks of crazy driving and many adventures.

Six weeks of road testing Fish Amok... Of course the search for the best Fish Amok continues. For now though, I'd have to say FRIZZ on Sisowath Quai, Phnom Penh's Riverfront makes the best Fish Amork in town. It's creamy, just-right-spicy and melts in your mouth. Frits, a Dutch former journalist, opened this tiny Khmer restaurant on the riverfront three years ago - so, there's a life after journalism! Today he's also offering Phnom Penh's only Khmer cooking classes. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to join one of his daily classes. But next time. Definitely.

And thank YOU for accompanying me on my Cambodian adventure. The weeks ahead will see me producing a long article for the Heinz-Kühn Foundation about tourism and poverty reduction - and a series of radio feature reports. I'll post the links to all of this material in the near future. For now Okun tscheran sam rap pram muy atit do-lor tschong kroy!!!

Update 03/2008: My report "Tourismus: Fluch oder Segen für Kambodscha" was published in the yearbook 2006-2007 of the Heinz-Kühn Foundation.


Julie 5 October 2007 at 03:41  

I have just returned from Cambodia and have to agree the Fish Amok at Frizz is absolutly the best. We loved it so much we kept going back for more. I was so excited to find this recipe on your site. Thanks

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