Saturday, 10 February 2007

Headquartered at the FCC

The best WIFI in town is at the Foreign Correspondent Club (FCC) of Siem Reap. Located in a beautiful two storey white building, it combines a distinctive colonial feel with modern minimalist design -- and great photo exhibits. The small veranda and the dozens of dark ventilators remind of a bygone era, while the sleek furniture and the stylish long bar are very NOW. A comfy beige sofa chair by the only electric plug has been my WIFI headquarters for the past ten days -- the waiters are getting used to me having shandies or 'Sandy'as they call it.

I love their use of space - seemingless transitioning from inside to outside - all open and airy, and yet with distinctive sections for eating, cooking - or chilling. The lawn in front of the FCC is always set differently, sometimes with small tables for tete-à-tete dinners, sometimes with long tables for big dinner parties, and even a set of sofa chairs to recline and enjoy a few cold Angkor beers after a dusty day at the temples. The only thing missing are the foreign correspondents - though admittedly, it's also nice to get a break... What else? The food's not great -- so stick to the drinks!!


Capt. Gary Traylor 12 February 2007 at 09:01  

Hi! Barbara, Thanks for all of your tips and the info on the FCC. They make a mean Shandy too. It was nice meeting you in the Metro Cafe and thanks also for the tip on making a Blog account.
Safe travels and come to Palma soon.

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