Sunday, 25 February 2007

Cocktails & Dreams - Sen Monorom Sunrise

We've been staying four nights in Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri's provincial capital. This has provided us ample opportunity to sample local cuisine and local bars... Menus are flexible: order a plain omelette and get an onion one, or even better just fried eggs... 45 minutes after ordering and the waiter having checked twice what we had ordered. If you do however order fried eggs don't be surprised if you get an omelette -- I am NOT kidding!

Unfortunately unconfirmed reports of dog being served in one restaurant on the main road remain... unconfirmed.

A new bar opened up with comfortable lounges a few days ago - we showed them how to make shandies and explained what a Gin & Tonic is. And yes we found it odd that you could open a bar without knowing how to make a G&T. But then when you hear the manager's incredible life story nothing surprises you. From a poor rural family Sayna slept on the streets of Phnom Penh while studying English. His proficiency in English led to jobs at Phnom Penh's best hotel and later an international NGO. His family did not see him for six years and thought he was dead. Despite his own difficult circumstances he supported his friend to learn English too. After all that his new bar deserves a chance to succeed. So, if you hear of a cocktail called "Sen Monorom Sunrise" this will be our legacy in this town.


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