Sunday, 25 February 2007

The case of the missing thongs

Who would steal these?

Following the Cambodian practice of leaving one's shoes outside the house, I thought my shoes would be safe on the steps of the Holiday Guesthouse. So you can imagine my surprise this morning as I was about to get into my shared taxi back to Phnom Penh and my thongs were gone. I was not happy, and searched the entire property for my beloved pair of black & silver reef thongs that I bought seven years ago in Cannes. Even though I still had a pair of runners in my bag, I kicked up a fuss telling the owner I would have to leave the establishment and head back to the capital sans footwear. The owner quite embarrassed helped me in my search and finally rang around to find potential mischievous perpetrators. I had already given up any hope, as a young man walked through the gate with a broad smile, took off MY reefs on the steps in front of the house - and disappeared inside without any word. I thanked the owner and made my way to Phnom Penh, never having been so happy to be wearing my thongs.


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