Monday, 14 August 2006

Estonia cashes in on booze cruises

Alcohol has long been an expensive commodity in Scandinavia. As a result, shopping expeditions abroad in search of cheap alcohol is a time-honored tradition in this part of the world. Norwegians travel to Sweden, Swedes to Finland and Finns to Estonia to load up on cheap booze.

It‘s not a tradition that the respective governments endorse: they’re concerned about increasing rates of alcoholism, hence the high rate of tax on alcohol to begin with. And so, when Estonia joined the European Union in 2004, Finland was worried that alco-tourism across the Baltic Sea would increase -- even though the Helsinki government had lowered its alcohol taxes by more than 30 percent. But has this measure been successful in stopping vodka tourism? And what’s been the impact on Estonia? I traveled to the Estonian capital and found out more at the port of Tallinn.

Booze Cruises in Estonia by Aventures


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